Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. There's something magical about seeing my clients faces as I deliver their memories to them. It's for that reason I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

I specialize in weddings, engagements, boudoir, and maternity. Boudoir and maternity have a special place in my heart. There's something about making women realize just how incredibly gorgeous they are that just feeds my soul! Designing albums and gifts for husbands and boyfriends makes me giddy as if it were my own husband I was surprising. Sometimes I wonder if I have too much fun doing my job!

My ideal wedding is on an island... but I'll HAPPILY settle for beautiful Colorado! ;) I love a gorgeous chapel but outdoor weddings set my creative juices flowing! I enjoy a bride and groom that want to make their memories truly reflect their incredibly planned day. It's an exciting, once in a life-time, event which is why I love traveling the journey with you to make sure the one thing you have after the big day, other than the man/woman of your dreams, is everything you could've asked for in memories. I'm always happy to give suggestions on lighting, timing, etc. Feel free to always include me in your plans and ideas! I LOVE WEDDINGS!!  I'm very sentimental and a TOTAL sucker for a great wedding and awesome details! In fact, don't look too closely or you'll probably catch me tearing up behind my camera during your vows, first dances, and any other special moments. 

Although I may seem reserved and shy at first, I'm super easy going, friendly, and an open book!  I love being outside, laying out, doing anything athletic..... or just staying in and watching a good movie. I love music. And even more so, goofy dance parties with my daughter. I'm an animal lover. Traveling makes me complete! As does, time with my amazing husband, my incredible friends, game nights, sushi, all you can eat buffets, BBQs (actually ALL food!!), camping, and did I say food already?!? I enjoy cooking, cleaning (ok that's a lie), walks, swimming, and pretending that I never get a day older. I'm a total kid at heart. I laugh every day, smile as often as possible, and treasure photographs of my personal memories more than my husband, or hard drive, can sometimes handle. 

Aside from photography, I spend most of my "free" time dancing. My husband and I are Professional Dance Instructors. We travel the world teaching and competing, taking photos, and sharing our passions with everyone we meet! I am so excited and appreciative that you're considering sharing your special day with me - whatever it may be. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Best Regards,
Chelsea Spika